Great Features


Web Applications

Over 40 Templates Available

Discover, purchase and provision application and data services to empower your business. Scalable, and can be combined with database services and service bus to build powerful highly available systems. Choose from over 40 prebuilt web applications that can be automatically deployed in minutes or deploy your own using a range of industry standard tools and technologies. Instantly scale up and down as your demands require.

Virtual Machines

Windows & Linux

Run Secure, reliable and highly available virtual servers with a range of operating systems and pre built platforms that can be automatically provisioned and managed with ease by the customer or Tekgem from within your own cloud web portal. Scale up or out instantly when your demands increase. Secure console connectivity, performance monitoring and checkpoint functionality are included as standard.

Virtual Networks

Secure Isolation, Firewall, VPN, Public IP

Reduce your need to host servers, applications and complicated networks locally within your offices and let our virtual network technology reduce costs and complexity. Extend services into your own securely isolated cloud networks by using our Cloud VPN connector. Publish your services to the Internet with ease by adding any amount of public IP addresses that are available to you instantly from the click of a mouse. Easily configure your own virtual firewall rules.

Database Service

Microsoft SQL and MySQL Databases

Introducing our Database as a Service. Run Enterprise and Open Source Relational Databases to store and supply data to your business, customers, applications and devices.
Choose from Microsoft SQL or MySQL server database plans to power and drive your data needs. Use the tools your familiar with to connect with ease.

Backup Service

Backup & Recovery

Partnering with Acronis, the leading backup and disaster recovery provider ensure your on premise physical or virtual computer systems are backed up to the Tekgem Cloud or your Tekgem cloud servers are backed up offsite for the ultimate protection. Restore Anywhere technology ensures you can be confident your systems and data have the ultimate protection.

Service Bus

Cloud Messaging System

Service Bus is a generic, cloud-based messaging system for connecting just about anything – applications, services and devices – wherever they are. Connect apps running on our Cloud, on-premises systems or both. You can even use Service Bus to connect household appliances, sensors and other devices such as tablets or phones to a central application or to each other.


Management Portal

Web Based Customer Management

Our secure and reliable cloud services include a simple yet powerful customer management, monitoring and billing portal providing you with the power to consume the features you need. Wizard driven menus provide ease of use to light up new services in minutes. View real-time performance monitoring on each service included as standard.

Private Cloud

Cloud in a Box!

In instances where customers are unable to use Internet hosted services we can supply a private cloud that can be run internally within customer networks. Our private cloud “In a Box” packages are built on the exact technology as our hosted service, the same software platform than runs Microsoft’s very own Azure public cloud.

24/7 Monitoring

Get alarms and notifications

Ensure your cloud services are online, operational and performing optimally. Performance monitoring comes included as standard.
Use our advanced monitoring capabilities to alert and notify you of issues and receive SMS or Automated Telephone Calls 24/7.

Our Facilities

We are based at the prestigious Wilton Centre, Wilton International which is situated in the North East of England. From the ground up, we have purpose built a hosted cloud platform that is located within the Wilton Datacenter. 

Our cloud infrastructure is built on enterprise level hardware, with high performance blade servers, 10 gigabit network connectivity, shared storage arrays and dedicated high speed synchronous Internet connectivity.

Cloud Platform

Leading Cloud Technology

As a Microsoft Partner, our platform is built on Microsoft Azure Pack. A Cloud technology based on Microsoft’s own Azure public cloud.

Enterprise Level Hardware

We use enterprise level hardware, with high performance blade servers, 10 gigabit network connectivity, shared storage arrays and dedicated Internet connectivity.

Secure & Reliable

At the heart of everything we do, our goal is to operate a secure and reliable platform for our customers. We ensure your data is safe and your systems remain available.

Local Service

Fair Prices

We provide our products and services at a price that customers can afford. We don't use clever marketing techniques to confuse you.

Without Paying More

Our cloud services including a simple yet powerful customer management, monitoring and billing portal, so you are always in control of costs.

Personal Service

We pride ourselves on offering a personal service and meeting customers face-to-face. As a local business we are proud to provide jobs and opportunities to local people.