Tekgem are a unique and highly specialist independent infrastructure services integrator and service provider for the process industry. With over 20 years experience working with global organisations in the process industry we are vendor neutral and are at the forefront of the latest major technical developments and cyber security requirements to assist our customers business operations.

All of our engineers undergo regular training and take part in industry recognised certification programs to provide our customers with the confidence in the services we supply. In addition to this Tekgem are ISO 27001 certified in Information Security for our managed services for complete reassurance.

Helping to secure and protect your critical control systems

The move to using open standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP, and web technologies in supervisory
control data acquisition (SCADA) and process control networks has begun to expose these systems
to the same cyberattacks that have wreaked so much havoc on corporate information systems.
With the introduction of the new UK HSE Operational Guidance OG-0086, the need to understand the
fundamentals of control system security has never been more important.

Tekgem have the skills, expertise and experience to help protect your critical industrial automation control systems. We can also assist you to understand and manage the procedural and technical differences between the security for traditional IT environments and those solutions appropriate for SCADA or plant floor environments.

Health Check Assessment

A confidential and independent review of your current manufacturing infrastructure and cyber security, based on ISA99, IEC62443 & HSE Operational Guidelines OG-0086 with output summary report based on the findings.

Fast Remediation

We are able to recommend and implement remediation work to ensure you are able to gain quick wins in relation to demonstrating Cyber Security compliance.

Strategy Implemetation

Using our extensive experience with existing customers in the process industry we are able to assist with implementing a formal strategy for managing and maintaining your manufacturing systems and Industrial Automation Control Systems infrastructure safely, securely and reliably.

Deliver Transformation Projects

Utilizing industry standard technologies and vendors we are able to deliver complex projects with minimal disruption. Whether it is implementing infrastructure technologies that can transform business from enabling secure remote access, proactive monitoring, internet of things, mobile devices, data analysis or demonstrating compliance for safety and security by implementing secure zone network firewalls, intrusion prevention and high availability systems we have the skills to deliver.

In Depth Audits

We are able to carry out detailed audits of your current manufacturing infrastructure and cyber security, based on ISA99, IEC62443 & HSE Operational Guidelines with detailed output report based on the findings. All of our audits are completely confidential and independent, we use a tried and tested methodology to assess and review current infrastructure and provide a detailed report including best practice recommendations. This can assist with demonstrating to internal standards and 3rd party’s your compliance or for improvement activities.

Maintenance & Support

We understand that it can be a challenge to run & maintain complex infrastructure for IACS / manufacturing systems. Tekgem already provide maintenance & support services to ensure regular operational activities are carried out to a high standard. Whether it is security patching, monitoring, antivirus & endpoint management, firewall changes or technical support we are able to provide all of these services. We are happy to provide any combination of support based upon customer requirements.