Nippon Gohsei (EVOH) Producer

For optimum “skilled professionals”, “manufacturing processes”, and “global solutions” that are required for manufacturing, Nippon can provide the most suitable solutions for customers’ challenges and business strategies selected from our broad range of services.

The Challenge

Nippon had concerns that their cyber-security policies were insufficient in order to comply with new HSE and COMAH operational guidance. They had full control on the IT side but, lacked the skills and expertise on the OT side.

How We Helped

We first and foremost, helped Nippon overcome and understand their pain points by providing guidance on HSE regulations. We carried out an initial assessment, providing a thoroughly detailed report on where they were falling short and presented them with a way to put them right, as well as an advanced up-to-date cyber security management system (CSMS). Once complete, Tekgem implemented a set of comprehensive industrial cyber security technologies to protect their critical real-time process control infrastructure against cyber threats including highly available next generation firewalls, security zone segmentation, security monitoring, endpoint protection and more, using our defence-in-depth approach.


Nippon is aware of how much OT and Manufacturing systems rely on cyber-security systems for their business (and how OT/IT blend together). They now have 12 approved site-wide cyber industrial policies and understand the importance of protection against the growing numbers of risks facing their business.

Key Points


Secured IACS infrastructure


Ongoing Managed Service


Encouraged Company-wide Policy changes

Tekgem Case Studies

Our clients are primarily in, but not limited to, the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sectors. We invite you to review our case studies to see how other industrial businesses have benefited from industrial cybersecurity solutions.