Find out how Tekgem are helping all different types and size of business

Tekgem are able to help all sorts of businesses to stay ahead of the game…
We specialise in cyber security services, industrial & automation control systems, highly available and reliable infrastructure solutions as well as our cloud & hosting expertise, providing cloud services directly from our own purpose build cloud platform.
Whether its understanding and improving your cyber security capabilities to getting a solid web presence with an e-commerce platform to more advanced needs such as getting access to the latest cloud services for developing modern apps see how we have helped other businesses in the region.

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Our Facilities

We are based at the prestigious Wilton Centre, Wilton International which is situated in the North East of England.

We work with clients both nationally and internationally.

Managed Services:

Don’t have technical skills in house?

Don’t worry, we are able to provide a fully managed  service from initial implementation to ongoing daily management  by our skilled UK based engineers and technicians.

We are able to provide custom solutions to meet business requirements when needbe.