Bridging the Gap Between IT and OT

Tekgem bridges the gap between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). Our proven credibility is aligned with industry regulators whom we work alongside closely. We act as an extension of our customer’s team to protect their critical infrastructure, giving back control so they can focus on what they do best.

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Worried about protecting your Operational Technology and IACS from cyber attacks?

Many organisations are concerned that their OT systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Over 25% of all APT (advanced persistent threat) attacks target industrial companies.

Research from Kapersky Lab pinpoints these significant industrial cyber security risks:

Indicated Breaches

Nearly 60% of organisations with industrial control systems indicate they experienced a breach in the past year.


70% of organisations are very or extremely concerned about internal hackers, the leakage of sensitive data and external hackers across industrial layers.


Health and Safety

65% of organisations say the safety of their employees was highly or critically affected by a SCADA/IACS security breach in industrial environments.

Financial Stability

Another 58% report major impacts of a potential attack to their organisation’s financial stability.

Industrial Cyber Security Solutions

The cybersecurity of industrial systems in the manufacturing and engineering sector has typically not been given enough consideration or investment. Often, until it’s too late.

This is why companies come to Tekgem. They understand the risks posed to their industrial infrastructure but recognise that they don’t have the skills, time or experience in effectively implementing industrial cybersecurity solutions.

Tekgem Case Studies

Our clients are primarily in, but not limited to, the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sectors. We invite you to review our case studies to see how other industrial businesses have benefited from industrial cybersecurity solutions.

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