Defending Cyber Security

What is Tekgem SHIELD?

Tekgem Shield is an all-in-one secure removable media gateway and file transfer platform.

It has long been established that connecting removable media to industrial automation & control systems (IACS) poses a significant threat. As a result, most organisations block or disable USB any removable media.

We know our customers need to be able to transfer files into, around and out of industrial networks on a regular basis. However, this has the potential to introduce vectors or access points for malware that could compromise the safety and security of critical infrastructure.

Tekgem Shield provides a solution to this problem.

How Does It Work?

The Shield kiosk offers a simple interface with no login required before a device is scanned, so anyone visiting your company to maintain systems or present solutions can have their device scanned prior to using it within your network without the need for additional administration.

Designed to prevent any accidental or deliberate attempt to use a removable media device to transfer infected files and execute malicious code, Shield will automatically detect if a device is connected to the kiosk and immediately disable its network adapter, so from startup Shield is protecting your environment.

Shield uses the industry leading Microsoft Windows Defender for real-time virus and threat protection.*

*Gartner names Microsoft a leader in the 2021 Endpoint Protection Platforms Magic Quadrant – Microsoft Security Blog.

Tekgem Shield needs to be connected to your network in order to securely transfer files between systems. We recommend that Shield is connected to your Manufacturing DMZ (Purdue Level 3) in order for files to be securely transferred between level 4, level 3 and level 2 networks. 

Network & Data security

A potential issue for organisations is sensitive or safety critical information moving into or out of your IACS boundary without any controls in place or the knowledge or approval of appropriate management. This information could be in the form of commercially sensitive recipe data or configuration information for the safe start-up or safe shut-down of plant equipment.

To help mitigate this risk we have integrated a secure file transfer application into the Shield solution. This allows users to securely move data across different network levels via a web browser interface.

This integration allows all actions carried out within the secure file transfer application to be logged.